A Day Piano Rental Service

If you are still learning to play a piano or you cannot afford to get a brand new instrument then renting a piano is the best option for you. It can also be that you need a piano for a short time, for instance a wedding. It is best to then rent a grand piano for a day. Renting a piano gives you the option to choose from a variety of available ones and you can easily rent a piano for a day, or any number of days.



Piano House offers grand and upright pianos to rent for weddings, expo, or other special occasions at a very reasonable price. We offer both long and short term hires. We can also provide you with a pianist if you need one. Our pricing packages vary according to the requirements. The cost of rental of piano per night may be different if it is rented at particular places; Ipoh piano daily rental cost is RM1,200 to RMRM3,600, and rental of piano per night in Klang would cost about RM1,500 to RM4,500 depending on types of piano.

How to Rent a Piano Per Night?

  1. In order to rent a piano per night, visit our website and scour through the different packages and instruments available.
  2. Choose your requirements and contact us for a quotation.
  3. After booking us, expect a timely delivery with assurance of high quality.  

Call us today for resolution of any further queries.