Hourly Piano Rental Services

If you are still learning to play a piano, then renting is a cheaper alternative instead of buying a new instrument. If you require a piano for a short, for instance a single evening or a weekend, then it’s much better to rent a piano than purchasing a new one. Piano House offer monthly piano rental than on an hourly basis.



Piano House provides hourly rental services in various cities (such as Kuala Lumpur, Kota Damansara, Sungai Ling) in Malaysia. We have a variety of upright and grand pianos and you can choose any instrument depending on your needs and we will have it delivered in perfect tune at the desired venue. We provide the best piano rental services in Malaysia at the most affordable rates. Our pricing packages vary within different cities. We can also provide a professional pianist if you need one.

How to Rent?

  • Visit our website and choose the instrument that fits your needs.
  • Make the booking and expect a timely delivery with assurance of high quality.

Contact us or email us at info@pianorentalmalaysia.com.