Rent Piano For Wedding Malaysia

Organizing a wedding is a big task. It’s overwhelming and becomes stressful as well. No matter the long list of tasks you got to look after on the wedding, music is always on priority. And you definitely want such music that stays memorable for all guests in years to come.  To make it happen with grace and elegance, renting a piano is an ideal option.



Whether you require a piano for an evening event or during lunch hours. Or you  want to rent piano for dinner at your home or a banquet hall, Piano House is here to render a graceful and enjoyable piano performance. And since it doesn’t make sense to purchase a piano for a wedding, rental of piano no matter the brand is an exciting idea. And especially it’s awesome to organize rental of piano for dinner time at your wedding.


If you want to rent piano for a wedding in Malaysia, we provide you the best brands of pianos. Our services include a special offer for the wedding ceremonies i.e. piano and cello KL wedding hire offer in which you can hire both the piano and cello in lower cost. Our instruments come with experienced pianists should you require any.

In order to rent:

  1. Visit the website and tell us your requirements along with the wedding dates.
  2. The piano will be delivered to the mentioned destination on the scheduled date.

For further queries, please call us.