Silent Piano Rental

Designed for private silent practice, the silent piano is an acoustic piano allowing you to silence the strings as you stop the hammers from striking them. It’s designed in a way that you can easily play it using your headphones. These pianos are one of the top choices for any pianist, beginning or experienced, due to the superb depth of tone and clear and crisp sound. Since silent pianos play without externally audible sound, they are ideal for practice rooms and studios due to their audio and MIDI connectivity.



If you’re someone who has no option but to practice in noisy areas, recording studios or even your home where you can’t control the level of sound in the environment, then Piano House is your perfect partner to offer a wide range of silent pianos of different brands. You can easily practice with pre-installed sounds without disturbing others. With us you can rent the best quality of Yamaha silent piano systems in the range with different levels of sound quality available.

Get in touch with us right away for Yamaha silent piano rental and enjoy the unbelievable quality of silent piano system. The sound is so good that you will actually remove your headphones to make sure you’re in the silent mode.

It’s a wow factor indeed!

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