Baby Grand Piano Rental

While the sound of a baby grand is no different than a grand, it’s primarily the size that makes the former a baby grand. Mostly a baby grand is a choice for homes because it’s tone and volume are ideal for a living room. It adds to the beauty of your home no matter yours is a modest or a lavish home. These pianos come in different sizes, however, the smaller sizes tend to experience a loss of sound quality. In simple words, the longer the baby piano is, the better it sounds.



Piano House offers a wide range of baby grand pianos in a variety of sizes, woods and customizable choices which are also affordable to rent. Looking to get a baby grand for your home or studio. Or probably you’re a designer who needs them for clients’ decor, we are available to support. Not only the instruments you get from us will compliment your room’s color, however, you can always choose to go ahead with a white baby grand piano or a transparent baby grand. With us baby piano rental is going to be smooth and professional.

Visit the gallery of baby grand pianos to pick what’s right for you. Select the brand of instrument that suits your needs.

Baby grand rental in Malaysia had never been easy.

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