Digital Piano for Rental

Also known as a portable piano, a weighted keyboard or a personal electronic piano, a digital piano is constructed like an upright piano but is lighter and doesn’t have vibrating wires. With a keyboard is without legs, you can easily move it around. The ability to produce a wide range of sounds plus affordable price are what makes a digital piano quite popular. And you know what’s the most interesting part? You can easily connect your headphones or lower the volume to accommodate others in your living room.



Whether you need a digital piano for your practice lessons as a newbie or you’re a music producer or DJ looking for a studio feel. Or maybe you’re a pianist looking to practice on a piano that stimulates certain environment like a “Casio’s hall simulator feature”, then digital piano rental is the way to go. And guess what? is your trusted provider to meet your needs with the variety of pianos we have. You can easily enjoy a large number of sounds at different velocities no matter what brand of digital piano you rent from us. We are here to give you the right piano.

In Malaysia, renting a digital piano is the name of the game since people just like you need them for different events and that’s why we have pianos with built-in amplifiers for open venues and the facility of headphones for your house.

So what are you waiting for?

Call us Piano House now to rent a digital piano.