Rent to Own Piano

The primary reason you’d rent a piano is the price. On other occasions it’s the need e.g. your child’s practice lessons. However, there might come a situation when you’d have to keep extending the piano rental duration possibly because you aren’t sure for how long you will need it. And obviously you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting it moved back to the rental company and ask for renting it back the next week. So what’s the solution? Rent-to-own is what you need to go ahead with in such a situation.



Piano House is here with its rent-to-own program so you can immediately gain access to the piano of your choice at the lowest possible cost. This option is primarily designed for you as you wouldn’t need to bear a large investment upfront. The best part? You get to try the piano before you commit to owning it. Also as long as you keep the piano in the rental period, we bear the cost of fixing it no matter the issue.

With a wide variety of styles and finishes of different brands like Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and more, you can easily go ahead with these entry level prices for the beginner pianists or your piano schools.


Call us today and get your questions answered for the rent to own piano in malaysia. Or book a piano right away.