Organ Piano Rental

Unmatched in its tonal variety and versatility, organs are available in a variety of designs that sound better and last longer at affordable prices. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced player, you can easily get an organ to practice or use at concerts or special events.



At Piano House, we help you select the right organ for your church, home or studio needs. Not only you get superior sound at low cost, we also assist you with the acoustic design of your building. We bring a wide variety of organs from well-known manufacturers like Yamaha, Baldwin, Kawai and more. If you’re a musician, the organs we offer are versatile enough to meet your expectations and demands of the varied musical programs that you plan on doing. Our organs are built by skilled craftsmen using the finest techniques and instruments which is why they are highly reliable.

So, if you’re looking to get a piano organ for rent in Malaysia that’s well-maintained and can meet your long-term or short-term needs, either visit our showroom to select an organ. Else, call us today to rent an organ.

Happy to serve you!