Piano Rental For Photo Shooting

Need a piano for a photoshoot? If you answered yes, you have come to the right place.



Whether it’s your birthday, an outdoor shooting or you need pictures for your magazine. Or maybe you have a promotional campaign where piano is going to be the basic element of your entire photoshoot, having the most beautiful and elegant instrument can make can steal the hearts and mesmerize the audience. And guess what? The most exciting thing is that you don’t even need a working piano. For a photoshoot a piano shell is going to be perfect.

Piano House enhances your photoshoot with the large variety of pianos in all different sizes, colors and brands. If your photoshoot is for a high profile occasion or event, or you need a piano for your child’s birthday and want to capture the beautiful moments using a piano, we got you covered. Let us know your requirements and we’ll offer the most suitable instrument for you. Our team will assist you to choose the best piano or piano shell that will add elegance to your photoshoot.

Go to our online gallery and choose the piano that matches to your needs. You can send us an online quotation to book a piano. Or you can choose to visit us for a first hand look.

From grand pianos to upright and concert, we have what you need.

Call us now to book a piano for your next photoshoot.