Piano Rental for Event

Occasions like weddings, parties, memorial services, photoshoots or any other celebration or performance demand such an atmosphere that is memorable and graceful. That’s exactly why a piano performance should come into picture. Why? Because it makes any boring or dull event more elegant and exciting. Also you would need to rent a piano for your event if you don’t have one plus you don’t plan to buy the instrument.



Piano House lights up your event with our highly in demand service; rental piano for event in KL. So if you’re in KL and have to organize an event on a short notice, here is the good news for you. You can rent a piano from from us with reasonable financial packages and it does not matter if your event is of one day or a month. We are available to rent you a piano without any hassle. With the wide range of brands, colors and designs, you can get the most suitable instrument that will go with the theme of your event.  

Plus, you can also choose to hire a pianist to perform for you.

Interested to rent a piano for your next event?


To rent a piano from us;

  1. Visit our site https://www.pianorentalmalaysia.com.
  2. Fill the form according to your requirements.
  3. Date and address should be written.

For more information, contact us now, or email us at info@pianorentalmalaysia.com.