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Experience professional and dependable piano rental service from the best in the industry. Piano House Malaysia offers reliable piano leasing services at very reasonable rates. If you need to rent a piano for a performance, your business, or for your personal music leisure, we’re your go-to rental company.

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As most expos last from a few weeks to six months, you definitely want to showcase your organization, company or even your country in the most professional and graceful way. Because at such a multifaceted exhibition you are likely to have business meetings, diplomatic encounters, workshops etc. that demand you show up as uniquely as possible. Among the other elements that will make you stand out from others at the expo, having a piano can make a huge difference. That’s why piano rental at expo is gain more and more attention by people from all fields.

Whether you’re a business, a non-profit, an international organization or a government representative, is here to offer the best piano to add elegance and uniqueness to your display. You can possibly consider steinway piano rental or maybe a yamaha. No matter what brand you choose, we render the popular brands of all types and sizes.

Moreover, with us, you can rent the piano at the most reasonable prices. And since expos sometimes last up to six months, you can also consider the option of rent to own piano.

Looking to book a piano for a day, a week or for the entire duration of the expo, visit our gallery and have a good look at the highest quality of pianos available in different colors. We are sure you’ll find the instrument that goes with your theme at the expo.

Call us today to rent your desired piano at the expo.

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